Golden Key 2 is RELEASED!!


BETFAIR ONLY Variant 3, 3 LTD,and 4


The Original Variants, 1 and 2

Are Smashing the Bookies.. Variant 3, 3L and 4

Are making decent money on Betfair.

Results below are on £1.00 bets

NOW you can USE Golden Key on Betfair Only if you wish.

TBP= These months, the results have been lost, however

I know they were not losing months on Variant 1 and 2.

As you can see above a £10.00 punter on Variant 1 makes £24,923.00 in just under 4 years.


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If you have All By The Book, then Golden Key is a great method to add to your betting arsenal.

Why have re released Golden Key?

Since 2008 when we first release it there were only two bookmakers that the method could be used on and we had some of our clients have there bookies accounts restricted, so we withdrew it of the market to protect our clients. Now there are 11 bookmakers we can use, and spread our exposed and lessen the risk off being restricted by them.

Now you can use Betfair ONLY is you like as we have added VARIANT 3 and 4 that uses only BETFAIR.

However, now things have changed for the better and clients are making more money and we have seen much better opportunites with the method, so we now have improved the way to use it, and introduced Variant 2 a trading method to be used with it if you like.

Also the original method has been improved with the use of the bots that are now available that were not there when we first released it.

Golden Key has produced similar results as to when we first released it. If you look below you will see that for the first 15 days back in 2008 it made 50.36 points of Profit. In our first 15 days using variant 1 we made 41 points profit with 12 winning days.



You don't have to bet everyday, to have this method make you money, lets look at Variant 1 using only Saturday and Sunday, keep in mind that you only need to spend and hour or so and then let the races run there course, because it is not loss chasing, if you miss days there is no drama.

Here is the weekends results.


And if You can only Us It in the WEEKENDS...
Here are the Saturday and Sunday Results.


This is the Original Sales Page.. of 2008.

Golden Key Original Release.. 2008

117% Return on the BANK in 33 DAYS!

With almost ZERO RISK!


50.36 points profit!

In the first15 Days!!!

£2.00 Punters would have made £100.72 PROFIT!


If you want a method, that can be bet on before lunch, and forget about, then this is it.

No waiting for results, sort the selections, place the bets, check results at your leisure!

When the creator of the "Golden Key Method', approached me to have a look it, it was all in his head. After a few emails I got what he was on about, and then I thought this can not be this simply, why have I not seen this method before?

While so many people stare at the trees and say "where is the forrest", this guy was harvesting the forest, (in a sustainable way :-) ).

In fact it was such an amazing method, I thought that it would not work, I got the results sent to me and the horses before the races, and everyday almost it was making 1, 2 or 3 points profit. Hey even 2 points profit a day is 60 points a month, at say £10 bets that is £600 a month TAX FREE!

It's the insurance that makes this work, and a twist that I found very good. NO IT IS NOT LOSS CHASING!

It does involve having accounts with Betfair and UK bookies, so if you can not access Betfair, then you should stop reading. If you have a Betfair account you can now use Betfair only if you like.

I am not going to p#ss in your pocket on a page load of hype and all the usual BS you might be seeing.

All I ask you to do is look at the results below...


Have a Look at the Results

And a look at the day to day Betting.

Look at our biggest Losing Day!

Yes commissions have been taken into account here!

So if you are a £2.00 Bettor that's £234.00 Profit in 33 days.

Bank needed.. £200 (107% Profit)

OR if you are a £10.00 Bettor that's £1170.00 Profit in 33 days.

Bank needed.. £1000 (107% Profit)

OR you are a £100.00 Bettor that's £11,700.00 Profit in 33 days.

Bank needed.. £10,000 (107% Profit)

You can spot the missing few days DOH!

Nothing sinster there simply we were busy and did not bet or record thoses days.

See the method stops you from having HORROR DAYS... WHY?

We use INSURANCE.NO IT IS NOT LOSS CHASING! .an opportunity.. this is not a common known thing, because most if not all stare at the Closed Door.. they have not seen the Opportunity, that Golden Key presents.

Now, I have only had this outline of the betting plan since the 24th of October 2008. The creator, whilst using it has never recorded the results. All he has done is bank the money ( well spent it more likely.)

A method used on UK Horse Racing, bets placed before Lunch.

It uses bookmakers and Betfair.Or NOW BETFAIR ONLY Versions

It has a built in INSURANCE action that limits loses! Does not use bookie bonuses!

We don't have a Very Good Strike, we DON'T NEED IT!

You will get a PDF that tells you how to use the Golden Key! No BS only a few pages long!


It can be used on all Racing, National Hunts, Flat, and AWT, and bigger USA meetings. Day and Night racing.

The Creator says months of 100 points profit is not out of the question, as you can see in 32 days it is up 107 points!

Bank Requirements? 100 points. So a 2 Pound bettor will need a £200 bank.

Selections are obvious to spot and will take 1 minute a race if that!


OK, time for ACTION...

What Do You Get?

1. A Manual in exe format you get on instant download, only 16 pages so you can print it out for easy reference.

2. Four Online videos showing four variants in action, you can watch over and over.

3. A pdf worksheet that you download and print off for day to day betting.

4. Resources page that you can Bookmark and use daily.

If you want the software that finds the selections

Then look at

This software makes using the Golden Key Principle alot faster!!





Due To the Limited Copies we can Sell we can withdraw this product without notice.

Unlock you Profit NOW!

Jump on the ORDER BUTTON,

While The Product is still Available

WAIT.. This is an EXE file, will NOT work on Apple products.

You need a PC with Windows operating system.





Click Here to download NOW!



you can use Moneybookers (Skrill)

Moneybookers you can pay on account






Steve Davidson


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with you punting in a month from here?

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